On-Line Web Supercomputing
and Related Computational Science Texts:

(Selections for MCS572 and other Courses)

  1. ANL MCS MPI Tutorial material available on the Web, by various authors (caution: some material has limited access).

  2. ANL MCS Designing and Building Parallel Programs (Online Book), by Dr. Ian T. Foster, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, 1995. (Also hard cover book published by Addison Wesley.)

  3. ANL MCS PETSc, the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation for MPI, version 2.1.3, Argonne National Laboratory, 2002.

  4. BU SCV Tutorials, Scientific Computing and Visualization Staff, Boston University, Spring 1996. (Two-hour lecture/demonstrations on Scientific Visualization, Symmetric Multiprocessing, Message Passing, and many other topics.)

  5. CSEP Computational Science Educational Project, Phys594 A Course in Computational Sciences for the Physical and Life Sciences, a US DOE international project, 1996. (One of the most extensive collection of course notes.)

  6. EPCC EPIC HPF Course, for High Performance Fortran Course, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, The University of Edinburgh.

  7. EPCC MPI Course: EPIC Version: Student Notes, for Writing Message-Passing Parallel Programs with MPI Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, The University of Edinburgh.

  8. MauiHPCC MHPCC Documentation for IBM SP2, MPI and F90

  9. MonashU CSC 433 Parallel Systems: , R. Buyya, Monash University, giving web-posted lecture slides related to the text High Performance Cluster Computing: Architectures and Systems, edited by R. Buyya, Prentice Hall, 1999

  10. MIT 18.337 Parallel Scientific Computing Course, by Professor Alan Edelman, Department of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spring 1996. (This class shareed some lectures with the Berkeley cs267 of Demmel via high speed cross country link; course is more graph and geometry theoretic oriented, but covers PDE Methods and Multipole Applications.)

  11. SyracuseU CPS 615 Introduction to Computational Science: Computational Techniques for Scientific and Engineering Problems, Professors Geoffrey Fox and Nancy McCracken, Syracuse University, Spring 1994. (Parallel Computing, Numerical ODE, Numerical PDE, Matrix Techniques, Optimization; not all slides available.)

  12. SyracuseU&CalTech Parallel Computing Works!, by Professors Geoffrey C. Fox (Syracuse University), Roy D. Williams (Cal. Inst. Tech.), and Paul C. Messina (Cal. Inst. Tech.), (This book describes work done at the Caltech Concurrent Computation Program, Pasadena, California. This project ended in 1990 but the work has been updated in key areas until early 1994. The book also contains links to some current projects.) The hard copy of the book is by

  13. UCalBerkeley CS267 Applications of Parallel Computers, by Professor Jim Demmel, EECS, University of California, Berkeley, Spring 1996. (Probably more relevant in general than the others.)

  14. UCalBerkeley CS258 Parallel Processors, by David Culler, EECS, University of California, Berkeley, Spring 1999. (This is a comprehensive architecture course. Course is based on text Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach by D. Culler and J.P. Singh with A. Gupta, Morgan Kauffman Publishers, 1998, but lecture slides are web-posted. BTW, the teacher is the brother of the UIC MCSC Professor Marc Culler.)

  15. UCalBerkeley CS294-5 Multiprocessor Networks Course, EECS course by Professor Eric Brewer, University of California, Berkeley, Fall 1994. (Advanced course with many student projects. See section on Slides for lecture notes.)

  16. UColBoulder CSCI4576/4586 High Performance Scientific Computing, by Professors Lloyd D. Fosdick, Elizabeth R. Jessup, Carolyn J. C. Schauble and Gitta Domik, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, Spring 1996. (Undergraduate course, but lots of useful information for anybody; lead link above is their new MIT Press book. For On-Line Web Material, see

  17. UIC MCS573-EECS574 Workshop Program on Scientific Supercomputing (WPSS), by Professor Floyd B. Hanson, MSCS, University of Illinois at Chicago, Fall Semester 1993.

  18. UIU CSE 301/CS 350/MATH 350/ECE 391 Numerical Analysis, A Comprehensive Introduction by Michael T. Heath using his text Scientific Computing, An Introductory Survey, Second Edition, University of Illinois at Urbana.

  19. UIU CSE 302/CS 320/ECE 392 Introduction to Parallel Programming by P. Banerjee, University of Illinois at Urbana.

  20. UNCC ITCS 4145/5145 Parallel Computing by B. Wilkinson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Spring 2002. Lecture slides are web-posted emphasizing cluster computing based upon the text Parallel Programming: Techniques and Application Using Networked Workstations and Parallel Computers, by B. Wilkinson and M. Allen, Prentice Hall, 1999.

  21. USF User's Guide to MPI, by Peter S. Pacheco, University of San Francisco, March 1995 (ftp 60 page postscript copy).

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