Help On-Line for Parallel and Super Computer Tools

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  1. National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE=HPC-NetLib):
  2. BenchWeb (Jack Dongarra, ORNL):
  3. Parallel C++ Projects Archive (Tom Sheffler, RIACS):
  4. Para++ (C++ Bindings for Message Passing Libraries, INRIA, France):
  5. ParMETIS (Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Library at UMN):
  6. PETSc, the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation for MPI and PDEs
  7. PLAPACK (Parallel Linear Algebra PACKage):
  8. Review of Performance Analysis Tools for MPI Parallel Programs:
  9. ScaLAPACK (Scalable Library For Numerical Linear Algebra):
  10. SPRNG (Scalable Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generators Library):
  11. Survey of Object-Oriented Tools for Parallel and Scientific Computing (Marchand Olivier):
  12. VECFEM (VECtorized Finite Element Method):
  13. Prof. Hanson's Numerics HelpPage:
  14. Prof. Hanson's Numeric and Symbolic Tools HelpPage:
  15. Prof. Hanson's Numerical PDE Tools HelpPage:
  16. Computational Science Education Project (CSEP),

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