Preprints (abstracts and downloadable postscript files)

  1. Jan Verschelde: Polynomial Homotopies for Dense, Sparse and Determinantal Systems. MSRI Preprint #1999-041 The Abstract and (gzipped .ps file). Also, a hypertext version is available.

  2. Jan Verschelde: Homotopy Methods for Solving Polynomial Systems. Notes for a tutorial at ISSAC 2005, July 24-27, 2005.

  3. Jan Verschelde and Genady Yoffe: Quality Up in Polynomial Homotopy Continuation by Multithreaded Path Tracking. The abstract and manuscript.

  4. Danko Adrovic and Jan Verschelde: a Polyhedral Method to Compute all Affine Solution Sets of Sparse Polynomial Systems. The abstract and manuscript.

  5. Jan Verschelde: Accelerated Polynomial Evaluation and Differentiation at Power Series in Multiple Double Precision. The abstract and manuscript. To appear in the proceedings of PDSEC 2021, in the proceedings of the 2021 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW).