Graduate infinity categories seminar - Fall 2017

Time: Mondays 10-11 AM
Room: SEO 1227
Organizer: Jānis Lazovskis


Below is the schedule of talks for the semester. Notes from the talks are available here, and will be updated as the talks happen. The TeX source is here and the BibTeX bibliography is here.

- 11 September - Jānis Lazovskis
         Introduction, simplicial sets, nerves, examples

- 18 September: Micah Darrell
         Motivation for infinity categories, Grothendieck's definition, examples

- 25 September: Greg Taylor
         More examples of infinity categories, such as Sing(X), fundamental groupoid, quasi-coherent sheaves, and TQFTs

- 2 October: Joel Stapleton
         Limits and colimits, slice categories, join construction

- 9 October: Harry Smith
         Model categories 1

- 16 October: Harry Smith
         Model categories 2, presentable infinity categories

- 23 October: Micah Darrell
         Straightening and unstraightening

- 30 October: Jānis Lazovskis
         Constructible sheaves and exit paths as infinity categories

- 6 November: Maximilien Péroux
         Symmetric monoidal infinity categories

- 13 November: Micah Darrell
         Higher category theory in algebraic geometry

- 20 November: Ozgur Bayindir
         Spectra, infinity categories in stable homotopy theory

- 27 November: Adam Pratt
         Topoi, infinity topoi, categorical logic

- 4 December: Jack Hafer
         Infinity setting for K-theory

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