Introduction to Data Structures: Fall 2020

(Instructor: Adrovic Danko)

Most of the information for this course is available on Blackboard. This webpage is just a supplement where I will be uploading some stuff relevant for our discussion sessions!


Office: SEO 1313, but currently Home
Email: smukhe2 (at) uic (dot) edu

Teaching Schedule

TR 13:00-13:50 (Blackboard Collaborate Ultra)

Office Hours

TR 14:00 to 15:00 (Zoom)

Please note that I may have high traffic in Office Hours due to TA'ing for three different courses this semester.
You are free to contact me by email, and I will try my best to answer your questions. If it's not possible to answer them over email, we can schedule appointments as well!


This is my first time leading completely online discussion sessions, and hopefully things go as expected. If blackboard outages occur, we shall shift to my personal zoom meeting linked above. All in all, please forgive me for the occassional hiccups that are bound to happen with the new setup which I'm not yet used to!


Discussion 1: Setting up your C++ compiler/IDE, and your first Hello World! (click me)

Discussion 2: Arrays and Vectors, Generating Random Numbers, and the Bubblegum Dispenser. (click me)

Discussion 3: Finding the max in an integer array, Finding the element with max frequency in a randomly generated array. (click me)

Discussion 4: String reversal, Palindrome checking. (click me)

Discussion 5: A mischevious kid's string obfuscation. (click me)

Exam 1 Rubric: (click me)

Discussion 6: Pointers and increment operator. (click me)

Discussion 7: Stringstreams and extracting words from sentences. (click me)

Discussion 8: std::pair, and sort() method from algorithm.h. (click me)

Discussion 9: Constructors, friend functions, and linking/compiling your own headers. (click me)

Project 2 Rubric: (click me)

Project 3 Sample Solution: (click me)

Discussion 10: Inheritance, Polymorphism and Virtual functions. (click me)

Discussion 11: Stacks and balancing parantheses. (click me)

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