A.C. COJOCARU Professor of Mathematics
University of Illinois
Chicago, USA
Scientific Researcher
Institute of Mathematics of Romanian Academy
Bucharest, Romania

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Mathematics page of A.C. Cojocaru

News, updated September 2017


  • A.C. Cojocaru, R. Davis, A. Silverberg, and K.E. Stange, Arithmetic properties of the Frobenius traces defined by a rational abelian variety, with two appendices by J-P. Serre, International Mathematics Research Notices, vol. 2016, pp. 1--46.

  • A.C. Cojocaru, Primes, elliptic curves and cyclic groups: a synopsis, invited contribution to the Proceedings of the 8th International Congress of Romanian Mathematicians, Rev. Roumaine Math. Pures Appl. 62 (2017), 1, pp. 3--40.

  • A.C. Cojocaru, H. Iwaniec and N. Jones, The average asymptotic behaviour of the Frobenius fields of an elliptic curve, in preparation (51 pages).

  • M. Bhargava, A.C. Cojocaru and F. Thorne, The number of non-maximal quintic extensions of bounded discriminant, in preparation (16 pages).

  • A. Bucur, A.C. Cojocaru, M. Lalin, and L.B. Pierce, A geometric sieve with an application to cyclic covers over function fields, in preparation.

  • A.C. Cojocaru, A. Toth, and J. F. Voloch, Squarefree orders for the reductions of an elliptic curve over a function field, in preparation (19 pages).

  • R. Bell, C. Blakestad, A.C. Cojocaru, A. Cowan, N. Jones, V. Matei, G. Smith and I. Vogt, Constants in Titchmarsh divisor problems for elliptic curves, in preparation (21 pages).


  • In Fall 2017, Cojocaru will give a talk in a conference on Analytic number theory, in honour of Professor Christopher Hooley (org.: Jonathan Bober), Heilbronn Institute, Bristol, UK (September 1, 2017).

  • In Summer 2017, A.C. Cojocaru and Alexandru Popa will organize the Fifth Bucharest Number Theory Day, Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania.

  • In Summer 2017, Cojocaru will give a talk in the conference Arithmetic of Function Fields (org.: Ernst-Ulrich Gekeler, Ahmad El-Guindy, Mihran Papikian, Ambrus Pal and Urs Hart), Muenster, Germany (June 25-30, 2017).

  • In Summer 2017, Cojocaru will give a plenary talk in the conference AGC^2T-16 Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory: 30th anniversary! (org.: Yves Aubry, Everett Howe and Christophe Ritzenthaler), CIRM, Luminy, Marseille, France (June 19-23, 2017).

  • In Winter 2017, Cojocaru will speak in the Northwestern University Number Theory Seminar (org.: Yifeng Liu), Evanston, Illinois (February 20, 2017).

  • In Fall 2016, Cojocaru gave a talk in the workshop Analytic number theory (org.: Jorg Brudern - Gottingen, Hugh L. Montgomery - Ann Arbor, Robert C. Vaughan - State College, Trevor D. Wooley - Bristol), Oberwolfach, Germany (November 6-12, 2016).

  • In Fall 2016, Cojocaru spoke in the MIT Number Theory Seminar (org.: Bjorn Poonen), Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (November 1, 2016).


  • The International Journal of Number Theory invites high quality research articles in any area of Number Theory as its publication venue. As of 2009, Cojocaru has been acting as an Associate Editor for the journal.

  • A.C. Cojocaru, C. David and F. Pappalardi finalized the volume SCHOLAR, a Scientific Celebration Highlighting Open Lines of Arithmetic Research, published in the CRM Proceedings / Contemporary Mathematics Series by the American Mathematical Society in 2016.


  • MATH 215

  • MATH 435

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