Eric Riedl

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I am a third-year Research Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I have broad research interests, including Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry, Combinatorics, and Computational Mathematics. I am particularly interested in rational curves and the birational geometry of hypersurfaces.  I am a student of Joe Harris. Here is my CV.


I am currently teaching Math 215. I taught Math 180 in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016, Math 554 in Spring 2016, Math 215 in Spring 2017, and Math 210 in Fall 2017.

Algebraic Geometry Papers

Riedl, Eric and Yang, David, Applications of a grassmannian technique in hypersurfaces preprint

Coskun, Izzet and Riedl, Eric, Algebraic hyperbolicity of the very general quintic surface in P^3 arXiv:1804.04107

Beheshti, Roya and Riedl, Eric, Positivity results for spaces of rational curves. arXiv:1801.05834

Riedl, Eric, Planes and quadrics on low degree hypersurfaces. (in preparation)

Coskun, Izzet and Riedl, Eric Normal bundles of rational curves on complete intersections (accepted to Communications in Contemporary Mathematics), with Macaulay2 calculations

Riedl, Eric and Woolf, Matthew Rational curves on complete intersections in positive characteristic (accepted to Journal of Algebra) arXiv:1609.05958

Coskun, Izzet and Riedl, Eric Normal bundles of rational curves in projective space Mathematische Zeitschrift (to appear). arXiv:1607.06149

Riedl, Eric and Yang, David Rational curves on general type hypersurfaces, arXiv:1605.01759

Riedl, Eric and Yang, David Kontsevich spaces of rational curves on Fano hypersurfaces, J. Reine Angew. Math. (to appear).

Barbara Bolognese, Jack Huizenga, Yinbang Lin, Eric Riedl, Benjamin Schmidt, Matthew Woolf and Xiaolei Zhao. Nef cones of Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces, Algebra Number Theory 10 (2016), no. 4, 907--930.

Jesus De Loera, Susan Margulies, Michael Pernpeintner, Eric Riedl, David Rolnick, Gwen Spencer, Despina Stasi, Jon Swenson Graph-coloring ideals: Nullstellensatz certificates, Gröbner bases for chordal graphs, and hardness of Gröbner bases Interntl. Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation 2015

Combinatorics Papers

Riedl, Eric. Largest minimal percolating sets in hypercubes under 2-bootstrap percolation. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 17(1), 2010.

Riedl, Eric. Largest and Smallest Minimal Percolating Sets in Trees. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 19(1), 2012.

Computer Science Papers

Riedl, John and Riedl, Eric. Crowd-sourcing medical research. IEEE Computer. January 2013. 46(1) 0089-92

Hang Zhang, Eric Riedl, Valery A Petrushin, Siddharth Pal, Jacob Spoelstra. Committee Based Prediction System for Recommendation: KDD Cup 2011, Track2. In: KDD Cup, 2012.