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Steven Hurder, Essential Vita

Education - Positions - Awards - Research - Doctoral Students
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Centennial High School, Champaign, Illinois.
Class of 1970

Rice University, Houston, Texas
B.A. in Mathematics, May 1975

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D. in Mathematics, May, 1980
Title of Thesis: Dual Homotopy Invariants of G-Foliations
Thesis Advisor: Franz W. Kamber

Postdoctoral Positions

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Member, Fall 1987
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, Member, 1983-85
Princeton University, Instructor, 1981-83
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Member, 1980-81

University of Illinois at Chicago

Professor Emeritus, 2012-present
Director of Undergraduate Studies, 2007-2011
Director of Graduate Studies, 2004-2006
Professor, 1990-2012
Associate Professor, 1986-90
Assistant Professor, 1983-86

Invited Visiting Positions

Université de Strasbourg, France, October 2012
Université de Nice, France, April 2012
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Barcelona, Spain, April-May 2010
Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France, January-March 2007
Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan, September 2003
Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, March 1999
École Normale Superieure, Paris, France, June 1998
Université de Toulouse, France, March 1996
University do Santiago do Campostella, September 1994
University of Tokyo, Visiting Professor, April 1994
Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifique, Paris, France, February, 1994
Université Lyon I, France, February 1994
Humbolt University, Berlin, June 1993
University do Santiago do Camposta, Spain, May 1992
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, Member, April 1992
University of Colorado, Ulam Visiting Professor, 1988-89
Institut Hautes Etudes Scientifique, Paris, Visitor, June 1987
Free University of Berlin, Germany, May 1987
Mathematical Institute, Oxford, Visitor, Spring 1987
California Institute of Technology, January 1987
Université de Lille, France, May 1986

Fellowships and Awards

Simons Foundation, Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians, 2014-2020
National Science Foundation, Continuing Research Grant, 1985-2000, 2004-2007
Illinois State Board of Education, "Award of Excellence" for citizen contributions, 1997-1998
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship, 1985-1987
University of Illinois at Chicago, University Scholar, 1991-1994
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Fellowship, 1983-1985
Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship, 1980-1981

Research Interests

Differential topology and geometry of foliations
Ergodic theory & dynamics of foliations
Smooth ergodic theory & rigidity of group actions
Spectral & index theory of foliation operators

More information is available on my research page.

Theses Supervised

  1. Andrew Rich
  2. Mohan Ramachandran
      Title: Eta Invariants for Open Manifolds with Boundary PDF
      University of Illinois at Chicago, August 1990
      Purdue University, 1990-1992
      SUNY Buffalo, 1992-present.
  3. Arek Goetz
      Title: Dynamics of Piecewise Isometries PDF
      University of Illinois at Chicago, August 1996
      Boston University, 1996-99
      SFSU, 1999-present.
  4. Kristen (Wottreng) Schreck
      Title: Computer Methods in Descriptive and Differential Geometry: Monge's Legacy
      University of Illinois at Chicago, August 1999
      Morraine Valley Community College, 1999-present.
  5. Wojciech Florek
      Title: Foliations: A Probablistic, Potential Theory Approach
      University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2003.
      City Colleges of Chicago, 2003-present.
  6. Joe Shive
      Title: Conjugation Problems for Hirsch Foliations
      University of Illinois at Chicago, August 2005
      City Colleges of Chicago, 2005-present.
  7. Jessica Dyer
      Title: Dynamics of Equicontinuous Group Actions on Cantor Sets PDF
      University of Illinois at Chicago, December 2015
      Tufts University, 2015-present
  8. Daniel Ingebretson
      Title: Hausdorff dimension of Kuperberg minimal sets
      University of Illinois at Chicago, August 2018

Updated April 25, 2022