filename  : title contains short description of the application
simple : a simple monomial ideal
eg1    : first toy example eg1 only needs one deflation
eg2    : second toy example eg2 only needs one deflation
eg3    : third toy example eg3, only needs one deflation
eg4    : toy example eg4 which needs two deflations
eg5    : toy example eg5 which needs three deflations
baker1 : one double root at the origin, one deflation is okay
cbms1  : example from CBMS lectures, origin has multiplicy 11
cbms2  : system with 6 regular roots and (0,0,0) of multiplicity 8
mth191 : problem with 15 regular roots and 3 roots of multiplicity 4
decker1: with three regular roots and one triple root
decker2: with three regular root and one quadruple root at (0,0)
decker3: one regular root and the origin is double
kss3: of Kobayashi-Susuki-Sakai, Math Comp 1998
ojika1 : one regular and one triple root, two deflations needed
ojika2 : two regular and three double roots, one deflation
ojika3 : needs one deflation with different systems
ojika4 : six triple roots need same double deflation
cyclic9: 981 = 333 + 4*162, 162 cyclic 9-roots of multiplicity four
tangents1: 3 lines tangent to four given spheres, each with multiplicity 4
Every file has after the "SOLUTIONS" field the initial approximations
for the roots, as found as the end points of the homotopy continuation.