Tori's Stained Glass

When I was 13 my mother and I lived across the street from a lady named Jody who is a spectacular stained glass artist. You can look at some of her work here. She was the first person who inspired me to work with stained glass.

I started taking stained glass classes at The Glass Place in Pittsburgh, PA, during my senior year of college. My first project there was a suncatcher.

Followed by a small lamp.

In spring 2008, I made a jewelry box for my mom's birthday.

I'm especially fond of fracture-streamer glass.

In fall 2009, I took the intermediate class at Lighthouse Stained Glass in Hollywood, CA, and made a window for the front door of my house.

Here is one of my intial drawings. I'm proud to say that it's my own original design.

And here is the completed window.

Here are some photos of it in progress.

And here are some photos of it installed. It photographs better from the back.

More recently I've been making small suncatchers as gifts. I was at a restaurant with my mom which had napkins that looked like this:

And she commented that the fish would look great in stained glass. So I made it for her for Christmas.

I especially like what I did with the orange striped glass for the fins.

I've also made a series of Sierpinski triangles for various friends.

And this star ornament.

I took a break from glass during 2010, but began again in 2011 with a few more stars.

They're both made from scraps. I decided not to put patina on the more colorful one, the silver solder seemed to go nicely with the colors.

I made this spider web for my mom for her birthday.

The spider is made from glass globs.

And I found this terrific bubbly glass to use that looks just like dew drops.

After that I decided to do a few more geometric pieces. I made a few of this fractal, which I designed myself.

My most recent project was this fish.

Apart from the eye, he is made entirely of scraps from other projects. I didn't draw a pattern, I just started putting old pieces together and discovered they vaguely resembled a fish, so I cut and ground them until they fit. This was a very different creative process that I really enjoyed, I hope to do more pieces like this in the future.