bez Sherwood J. Hachtman
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
email: hachtma1 at uic dot edu
office: SEO 616

Teaching in Spring 2018:
Math 430: Formal Logic

Office hours:
Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm, or by appointment

Papers & pre-prints:
    - The super tree property at the successor of a singular, with Dima Sinapova. Submitted.
    - ITP, ISP and SCH, with Dima Sinapova. Submitted.
    - Determinacy separations for class games, submitted.
    - Sigma^0_3 Determinacy and Pi^1_2 monotone induction, to appear in Israel Journal of Mathematics..
    - Scattered sentences have few separable randomizations, with Uri Andrews, Isaac Goldbring, H. Jerome Kiesler, and David Marker. Submitted.
    - Determinacy in third order arithmetic, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Vol. 168, Iss. 11 (Nov. 2017) pp. 2008-2021.
    - Calibrating determinacy strength in levels of the Borel hierarchy, Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 82, Iss. 2 (June 2017) pp. 510-548.
    - Ultraproducts of finite alternating groups, with Paul Ellis, Scott Schneider, and Simon Thomas. Proceedings of RIMS Kokyuroku 1619 (2008), pp. 1-7.

Notes of potential use:
    - Determinacy, part of the 2015 UCLA Logic Center summer school.
    - Forcing and Independence in Set Theory, part of the 2014 UCLA Logic Center summer school.

Old teaching:
    - Fall 2017 - Math 180: Calculus I
    - Spring 2017 - Math 310: Applied Linear Algebra
    - Fall 2016 - Math 512: Advanced topics in logic: Set theory of the reals
    - Fall 2016 - Participating seminar on pcf & cardinal arithmetic
    - Spring 2016 - Math 430: Formal logic
    - Fall 2015 - Math 180: Calculus I

Inspirational Quote:
"Perhaps not all of these people believe in that stuff about the Devil to whom one can sell one's soul; but all those who have to know something about the soul, because they draw a good income out of it as clergy, historians or artists, bear witness to the fact that it has been ruined by mathematics and that in mathematics is the source of a wicked intellect that, while making man the lord of the earth, also makes him the slave of the machine."