Jeff Sommars

Graduate Student

Department of Math, Stats, and CS
University of Illinois at Chicago


Dynamic Prevariety : compute tropical prevarieties. C++

GiftWrap : preliminary version of an algorithm to compute convex hulls and pretropisms. Sage

PolyGraph : compute symmetry of support sets of polynomial systems. Sage


MonodromySolver (joint with Timothy Duff, Cvetelina Hill, Anders Nedergaard Jensen, Kisun Lee and Anton Leykin): compute solutions of generic polynomial systems via monodromy. Macaulay2

m2r (joint with David Kahle and Christopher O'Neill): interface to allow R to communicate dynamically with Macaulay2. R and Macaulay2

Tropical.m2 (joint with Carlos Amendola, Kathlen Kohn, Sara Lamboglia, Diane Maclagan, Benjamin Smith, and Paolo Tripolo): a Macaulay2 package that interfaces with tropical geometry software. Macaulay2.