October 14-16, 2022.

A conference at UIC on the occasion of Charlie Steinhorn's 70th birthday.



Zoom Link  with password Charlie70 . Note that the zoom link will be active a few minutes before each talk.

Due to university requirements for campus visitors, registration is required to attend in person.             

List of speakers:
Sylvy Anscombe - Universite Paris Cite
Artem Chernikov - UCLA
Gabriel Conant - OSU
Matthew Devilbiss - OSU
Dario Garcia - Universidad de los Andes
Dugald Macpherson - Leeds
Chris Miller - OSU
Alf Onshuus - Universidad de los Andes
Adele Padgett - McMaster
Kobi Peterzil - Haifa
Anand Pillay - Notre Dame
Margaret Thomas - Purdue
Mariana Vicaria - UCLA

Supported by the National Science Foundation CAREER award 1945251.