Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium
Saturday, October 9, 2010
University of Illinois at Chicago

Organized by David Dumas and Steven Hurder
This page is about the 2010 symposium.

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Symposium poster

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Plenary lectures

Schedule of activities

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8:15 - 8:55am Sign-in and coffee in SEO 300
Morning Session - Invited lectures, 50 minutes each, in SEO 636
8:55am Opening remarks
9:00am Laura DeMarco, The Mandelbrot set: what we know today
10:00am Sergei Tabachnikov, The Tait-Kneser theorem: variations on the theme
11:00am George Francis, The Art of Tony Robbin and Visualizing 4 and more Dimensions
12:00pm Lunch in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 1 - Contributed lectures, 20 minutes each, in SEO 636
1:30pm Steven Pollack, Characterizing steady-state stabilities of a thin-film in a rotating cylinder
2:00pm John Goes, On the Sum of Four Squares in Quadratic Extensions
2:30pm Justin Campbell, The Dual Space of a p-adic Heisenberg Group
3:00pm Coffee break in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 2 - Contributed lectures, 20 minutes each, in SEO 636
3:30pm Elizabeth Malczewski, Using Mathematics in Remote Sensing and in Oil Removal Analysis
4:00pm Cyndie Cottrell, Enumerating Perfect Matchings
4:30pm Michael Qin, Orthogonal Polynomials and Admissible Operators in Two Variables
5:00pm Alexander Carney, Highly noninjective polynomial maps on the rational numbers

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