Math 300 Writing for Mathematics 2010 Autumn


Fred Thulin

426 SEO

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MC 249)

University of Illinois at Chicago

851 South Morgan Street

Chicago, IL  60607-7045






Essay 1


Essay 2

Outline due 10/4 or 6

1st draft due 10/18 or 20

Final draft due 11/1 or 3

Some Mathematics for Essay 2 [pdf] [tex]


Essay 3 [pdf] [tex]

Outline due 10/25 or 27

1st draft due 11/8 or 10

Final draft due 11/22 or 24

Some Mathematics for Essay 3 [pdf] [tex]


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Note: the following are relevant to our Essay 1.


The Mathematics of Essay II


The Mathematics of Essay III



External Links


From +Plus online magazine of the

Millennium Mathematics Project, University of Cambridge:


An infinite series of surprises


For a quarter of a century, stretching from 1956 to 1983,

Martin Gardner wrote an extremely popular and influential monthly column called

"Mathematical Gamesfor Scientific American.

His work is a model of popular mathematical writing.

Here is a collection of a few of those columns: