Henri Gillet: Assorted notes & Lectures

Arithmetic Weight Complexes, Arithmetic Geometry Conference at the University of Florida, Feb 28-March 4 2005.

Motivic cohomology and Arakelov Theory,  talk at given at workshop in Madison in September 2004.

Lectures on Arakelov Theory at the workshop on Algebraic Cycles, Morelia Mexico June 16-27 2003. (Note that while I have tried to correct any typos and other errors, I make no warranty as to the correctness of +/- signs or  constants such as powers of  2.)

Line Bundles on Stacks  an informal lecture at the workshop “Learning Stacks and Computational Methods through Problem-Solving  Urbana, June 12-15, 2002

Can one do arithmetic intersection theory on stacks?  Workshop on  "Intersection Theory on Stacks "  at MSRI in March of 2002.

Differential algebraic geometry - A scheme theoretic approach  Workshop on "Model Theory, Algebra and Arithmetic"  at MSRI in June of 1998.