Jan Verschelde, Professor Office: 1210 SEO
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Phone: (312) 996 4609
University of Illinois at Chicago (Mail Code 249) Fax: (312) 996-1491
Chicago, IL 60607-7045, U.S.A. E-mail to: janv at uic dot edu

New papers:
  • Simon Telen, Marc Van Barel, and Jan Verschelde: A Robust Numerical Path Tracking Algorithm for Polynomial Homotopy Continuation The abstract and manuscript.
  • Jasmine Otto, Angus Forbes, and Jan Verschelde: Solving Polynomial Systems with phcpy. The abstract, the poster, and manuscript. In the Proceedings of the 18th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2019), edited by Chris Calloway, David Lippa, Dillon Niederhut and David Shupe, pages 58-64, 2019.
  • Anton Leykin, Abraham Martin del Campo, Frank Sottile, Ravi Vakil, and Jan Verschelde: Numerical Schubert Calculus via the Littlewood-Richardson Homotopy Algorithm. The abstract and manuscript.
    Try phcpy in a python or SageMath kernel of a jupyter notebook at www.phcpack.org.

    The link to our first web interface is here: Web interface to PHCpack(beta).

    My research interests concern the application of polynomial homotopy continuation to scientific and engineering problems . The methodology involves the following fields: Computational Algebraic Geometry, Symbolic-Numeric Computation, Combinatorial and Polyhedral Methods, Mathematical Software and Applications, and Supercomputing. See the poster about numerical algebraic geometry; and the poster about PHCpack and phcpy; and the poster presented at the SciPy 2019 conference.
    Updated Monday 21 October 2019, with PHCpack 2.4.74.
    Updated Monday 21 October 2019, with phcpy 1.0.2.