Jan Verschelde, Professor Office: 1210 SEO
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Phone: (312) 996 4609
University of Illinois at Chicago (Mail Code 249) Fax: (312) 996-1491
Chicago, IL 60607-7045, U.S.A. E-mail to: janv at uic dot edu

New papers:
  • Jan Verschelde: A Blackbox Polynomial System Solver on Parallel Shared Memory Computers. The abstract and revised manuscript. Accepted for publication in the proceedings of CASC 2018.
  • Anton Leykin, Abraham Martin del Campo, Frank Sottile, Ravi Vakil, and Jan Verschelde: Numerical Schubert Calculus via the Littlewood-Richardson Homotopy Algorithm. The abstract and manuscript.
    Try phcpy in a python or SageMath kernel of a jupyter notebook at www.phcpack.org.

    The link to our first web interface is here: Web interface to PHCpack(beta).

    My research interests concern the application of polynomial homotopy continuation to scientific and engineering problems . The methodology involves the following fields: Computational Algebraic Geometry, Symbolic-Numeric Computation, Combinatorial and Polyhedral Methods, Mathematical Software and Applications, and Supercomputing. See the poster about numerical algebraic geometry; and the poster about PHCpack and phcpy.
    Updated Saturday 2 June 2018, with PHCpack 2.4.55 and phcpy 0.8.4.
    Updated Sunday 17 June 2018, with posting of the revised parallel blackbox solver paper.