Math 210 - Spring 2016

Math 210 Section Number 26315

Instructor -- Louis H. Kauffman

Office -- 533 SEO

Office Hours --- MWF 4PM -- 5PM

Lectures --- MWF 3:00 - 4:00 Taft Hall 316

e-mail --

web --

phone -- (312) 996-3066

See Syllabus and Instructions. This will take you to the departmental course webpage, and to all the basic information about the course.

See Quiz2. Here is a copy of the second quiz.

See Quiz2Solutions. Here is a copy of the second quiz with solutions.

See ReviewProblemsExam1. Here are problems to review for Exam 1.

See Surface. Mathematica computation of z = f(x,y).

See Calculus. These are supplementary notes for this course, giving a different point of view on multivariable calculus and Stokes Theorem. If you come to the office hours for the course and are interested in new and different ways of thinking about calculus, we can talk about the contents of these notes. The answer to the question "Will THIS (these notes) be on the exam?" is No! These notes are an opportunity for you to learn some things that are not on the exam.