MCS Courses

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Undergraduate Courses

IDCourse Title
260Introduction to Computer Science
275Programming Tools and File Management
294Special Topics in Computer Science
320Introduction to Symbolic Computation
360Introduction to Data Structures
361Discrete Mathematics
394Special Topics in Computer Science

Undergraduate/Graduate Courses

IDCourse Title
401Computer Algorithms I
411Compiler Design
415Programming Language Design
423Graph Theory
425Codes and Cryptography
441Theory of Computation I
471Numerical Analysis
472Introduction to Industrial Math and Computation
481Computational Geometry
494Special Topics in Computer Science
496Independent Study

Graduate Courses

IDCourse Title
501Computer Algorithms II
503Mathematical Methods for Algorithm Analysis
504Mathematics and Information Science for Industry Workshop
507Mathematical Statistical and Scientific Software
521Combinatorial Optimization
531Error-Correcting Codes
541Computational Complexity
548Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence
563Analytic Symbolic Computation
571Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
572Introduction to Supercomputing
573Topics in Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
575Computer Performance Evaluation
590Advanced Topics in Computer Science
591Advanced Topics in Combinatorial Theory
592Advanced Topics in Error-Correcting Codes
596Independent Study