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Welcome to my site. I was mentored by Garrett Birkhoff, my thesis advisor, by Brooke Benjamin and John Mahony, who took me under their wing when I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Essex in England and by Felix Browder and Jim Douglas, Jr. when I was a young faculty member at the University of Chicago. Bill Pritchard showed me the importance of careful laboratory experiments in understanding fluid mechanics. Ridgway Scott patiently taught me the role of numerical simulation in science and as an aid to formulating and understanding mathematical theory. Roger Temam and Jean-Claude Saut helped me into the modern theory of partial differential equations. Michael Longuet-Higgins and Barbara Boczar-Karakiewicz introduced me to problems in oceanography and coastal engineering. I learned about mathematical issues in economic theory from Sandy Grossman, Manuel Santos and Karl Shell.

                                                          Jerry L. Bona






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