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Numerical Analysis

Fall 2004

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MCS471 Course Data :

  1. Semester Fall 2004 Section with Professor Hanson:

  2. Class Web Page: (current page)

  3. Course Coordinator: Professor F. B. Hanson, 718 SEO, hanson A T uic edu , (Email Is BEST, but phone is 1312-413-2142).

Syllabus :

Class Text :

  1. Your Class Lecture Notes Taken From Professor Hanson's Lectures, if Fall 2004 class.
  2. See also, Notes from Professor Verschelde Spring 2002 Class.
  3. {For a 2nd Opinion:}
    C. F. Gerald and P. O. Wheatley, Applied Numerical Analysis, 6th Ed., Addison-Wesley, 1999. Prior text or prior edition also could be used. Also, try getting a used copy, such as as, to save lots of money.
  4. {For a more advanced 3rd Opinion:}
    Michael T. Heath, Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey, McGraw-Hill, 2nd Edition, 2002.
  5. R. E. White, Computational Numerical Analysis: Methods and Analysis in UCES, Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Science (UCES) online HTML text, 1994.

Homework :

Computer Problems

Practice Problems :

{Sample Old Exam Problems}:
(Caution: Some problems are from old lectures or textbooks which used different and out-dated approximations)

Examinations (Fall 2004) :

To be announced as ready for Fall 2004.
  1. <Exam #1 (Fall 2004 First Triterm Exam): on Precision and Nonlinear Equations, Wednesday 13 October 2004

  2. Exam #2 (Fall 2004 Second Triterm Exam): on Computational Linear Algebra, Wednesday, 10 November 2004

  3. Final Exam (Fall 2004): on Linear Interpolation, Integration and ODEs, 1-3pm, Wednesday 08 December 2004, Room E2-LC

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