Math 494 Special Topics in Mathematics

Elementary Algebraic Geometry

Spring 2003

MWF 11:00 311 AH
Call Number: 65006

Instructor David Marker


Math 320 Linear Algebra I, Math 330 Abstract Algebra, and consent of instructor.


Algebraic Geometry is the study of the geometry of solution sets of systems of polynomial equations. This is a central area of modern mathematics with deep connections to number theory and applications to a broad spectrum of areas including cryptography and mathematical physics. We will show how ideas from linear algebra and ring theory can be applied to yield geometric insights. Specific topics covered will include:

Course Goals

Math 494 is intended to ease students transition from undergraduate to graduate mathematics by:


Grades will largely be based on homework. In addition there may be an oral and/or takehome midterm and final. Class participation will also count.

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