Math 506 Model Theory I

Spring 2011

Instructor: David Marker
Class: MWF 9-9:50 215 TH
Office: 312 SEO
Office Hours: to be determined
phone: (312) 996-3044
course webpage:


This will be a first course in model theory. It can be used with Math 502 as a prelim sequence. The topics covered will include:


D. Marker, Model Theory: An Introduction, Springer 2002

Some other useful introductory books include:


Graduate standing. Math 502 or familiarity with basic concepts from logic: languages, models up through the Compacteness Theorem. We will frequently consider algebraic examples, so coregistration in graduate algebra is encouraged.

Students should be familiar with Chapter 1 pg 1-21 and Section 2.1 of the text.


  • I will give out about 8 problem sets. You may work together on homework problems (and I encourage you to do so), but when you turn in the problem you should acknowledge that you have worked together.
  • I reserve the right to give an in-class final exam.


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