Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium
Saturday, October 1, 2011
University of Illinois at Chicago

Organized by David Dumas and Steven Hurder
This page is about the 2011 symposium.

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Symposium poster

UMS 2011 Poster (PDF)

Plenary lectures

Schedule of events

⇒ Full schedule with abstracts of plenary and student lectures (PDF)

8:15 - 8:55am Sign-in and coffee in SEO 300
Morning Session - Plenary lectures, 50 minutes each, in SEO 636
8:55am Opening remarks
9:00am Yvonne Lai (U Michigan) — Decomposing polyhedra
10:00am Dhruv Mubayi (UIC) — From Ramsey theory to arithmetic progressions and hypergraphs
11:00am Christopher Leininger (UIUC) — Geometry and dynamics of surface homeomorphisms
12:00pm Lunch in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 1 — Student lectures, 20 minutes each, in SEO 636
1:30pm Sean McAfee (UIC) — On improving Cayley's theorem for groups of order p4
2:00pm Jonathan Gleason (U Chicago) — The F*-algebraic Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
2:30pm Christopher Perez (CalTech) — Siegel modular varieties: arithmetic invariants and cusps
3:00pm Coffee break in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 2 — Student lectures, 20 minutes each, in SEO 636
3:30pm In-Jee Jeong (Brown) — Bipartite Graphs, Quivers, and Cluster Variables
4:00pm Anita Thomas (IIT) — Sampling Within k-Means Algorithm to Cluster Large Datasets
4:30pm Jahan Claes (U Chicago) — Spectral Rigidity on Flat Tori
5:00pm Joshua Jay Herman (UIC) — Introduction to topological quantum computation

For further information

Contact David Dumas (ddumas@math.uic.edu).