Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium
Saturday, October 13, 2012
University of Illinois at Chicago

Organized by David Dumas and Steven Hurder
This page is about the 2012 symposium.

For the latest symposium information see the UMS home page.

Symposium poster

UMS 2012 Poster (PDF)

Plenary lectures

Schedule of events

8:15 - 8:50am Sign-in and coffee in SEO 300
Morning session — Plenary Lectures — Lecture Center F1
8:55am Opening remarks
9:00am Andrea Young (Ripon) — Discrete Differential Geometry
10:00am Ramin Takloo-Bighash (UIC) — Distribution of orders in number fields
11:00am Nathan Dunfield (UIUC) — Mathematical truths: experiment, proof, and understanding
12:00pm Lunch in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 1 — Student lectures — Lecture Center F1
1:00pm Charles Alley (UIC) — Continued Fractions as Linear Fractional Transformations and Related Results
1:30pm Jake Marcinek (Caltech) — Subrings of Z6
2:00pm Nathaniel Bude (Ripon) — Hill-Climbing Search for Metrics on Triangulations of S3
2:30pm Fiacha Heneghan and Ashley Sliva (DePaul) — Min-max Up-down Permutations
3:00pm Coffee break in SEO 300
Afternoon session 2 — Student lectures — Lecture Center F1
3:30pm Sangwon Hyun (Michigan) — Examining the Sample Complexity of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction
4:00pm Brian Freidan and Robert Halliday (UIUC) — The Sphere in Spacetime
4:30pm Milica Vesovic (UIC) — Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems


For further information, please contact David Dumas (ddumas@math.uic.edu).