Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium
Saturday, October 15, 2016
University of Illinois at Chicago

Organized by David Dumas and Kevin Tucker
This page is about the 2016 symposium.

For the latest symposium information see the UMS home page.

About the symposium

The Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium at UIC is an annual one-day meeting focusing on undergraduate mathematical research and education. The meeting features invited lectures by mathematical researchers, as well as contributed lectures and posters by undergraduates on their own research projects.

The 2016 UMS was held at UIC on Saturday, October 15.

UMS 2016 Poster (PDF)

Download the symposium poster

Plenary lectures


All symposium events take place in the Science and Engineering Offices building (SEO) on UIC's East Campus. Registration, lunch and coffee are provided in room 300, while the lectures take place in room 636.

Schedule of events

Plenary lectures are 50 minutes and student lectures 20 minutes; breaks of 10 minutes between talks allow for questions and discussion. A catered lunch of sandwiches and salads is provided for all symposium participants.

Friday, October 14
4:00 - 5:00pm Poster previews and math department tea in SEO 300
Saturday, October 15
8:15 - 8:50am Sign-in and coffee in SEO 300
Morning session — Plenary Lectures — SEO 636
9:00am Sarah Koch — Mating habits of polynomials
10:00am Andrew Putman — The geometry of tilings
11:00am Richard Schwartz — 5 points on a sphere
12:00pm Lunch in SEO 300
Afternoon Session 1 — Student lectures — SEO 636
1:00pm Stephanie Mui — Isometric Embedding of a Flat Torus in 3D Euclidean space
1:30pm Maithreya Sitaraman — A symmetrization process to characterize Lights Out setups
2:00pm Christian Borst — Probability of Reducibility of Random Polynomials as Degree Increases
2:30pm Coffee break in SEO 300
Afternoon session 2 — Student lectures and posters — SEO 636
3:00pm Timothy Alland — A Pattern Avoidance Criteria for Parabolic Fiber Bundle Structures of Schubert Varieties
3:30pm William Vickery — Patterns Relating Self Instersection Number and Word Length for Curves in the Three Punctured Sphere
4:00 - 5:00pm Poster Session in SEO 300


For further information, please contact Kevin Tucker (kftucker@uic.edu).