Papers on Mordell-Weil ranks

(with J.I.Cogolludo) Mordell-Weil groups of elliptic threefolds and the Alexander module of plane curves.

Factors of Jacobians and isotrivial elliptic surfaces (to appear in Proc. of Hefei Conference. (L.Maxim Editor). Journ. of Singularities.

On Mordell-Weil group of isotrivial abelian varieties over function fields.

(with E.Artal-Bartolo and J.I.Cogolludo) Depth of cohomology support loci for quasi-projective varieties via orbifold pencils.

(with E.Artal-Bartolo and J.I.Cogolludo) Characters of fundamental groups of curves complements and orbifold pencils.

Albanese varieties of abelian covers.

(with E.Artal-Bartolo and J.I.Cogolludo) Albanese varieties of cyclic covers of projective plane and orbifold pencils