Kurt Goedel

Paul Cohen

Set Theory, MATH 504, Fall 2010

Instructor: Christian Rosendal, room 416 SEO

Office hours: Wednesday 11 AM - 12 PM or by appointment. Let me know after class if you plan to come.

Course description:
This is the standard graduate course on axiomatic set theory beginning at the level of ordinal and cardinal arithmetic and ending with a thorough introduction to forcing and independence proofs.

Topics Literature:
The standard textbook on the topic is Kenneth Kunen's: Set Theory, An Introduction To Independence Proofs (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics), which covers almost all of the material that we go through in class. However, a more elegant presentation can be found in Jean-Louis Krivine's: Theorie des Ensembles, which unfortunately is only available in french. The presentation in class will be compatible with both of these. I also plan to make my lecture notes available on this page as they get written over the semester.

Lecture notes: Homework: I will assign a number of homework exercises in the course of the semester most of which I will try to go through in class.

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