Math 300: Writing for Mathematics.

Instructor: Sherwood Hachtman
e-mail: hachtma1 at uic dot edu
Time and place: Once per week, M or W (either one) 12-12:50 in Taft Hall 216
Office hours: W 2-3 and F 12-1 in SEO 616

For details about grade breakdown and structure of the course, please see the syllabus
Course text: None.

Homework and readings will be posted here until further notice.

Assignment 1: Tex and essay about plagiarism. I invite you to use the source file for the day 1 activity as a template for the essay.

For assignment 1, here is the link to Online LaTeX Editor Overleaf
You may wish instead to install LaTeX to your computer to work locally, see LaTeX Project (Click 'Get')
In that case you will probably want an integrated LaTeX editor, compiler, and pdf viewer, such as TeXMaker

Here is Assignment 2. Here is the LaTeX source for the assignment .pdf, and the source file for document you are revising. Assignment 2 is due Monday, February 11 at 5pm.

Assignment 3 is on Niven's proof that π is irrational, and is due Monday, March 4. Here are the .tex and .bib files that were used to generate the assignment pdf.
Here is a link to an article explaining some ideas behind Niven's proof.

Homework 4, on equivalence relations. .tex source and solutions (with .tex source).

Homework 5, on prime numbers and the density of sets of naturals (.tex source). Here are hints (and a source file for the hints).

Description of the final paper for the class

Either old magic or new math
Into our house has beat a path.
How else could Einstein or Diogenes
Explain an exploit of our progeny's?
While at the table with his ilk
A child upsets a glass of milk.
The glass held half a pint when filled,
And half a gallon when it spilled.

— Ogden Nash, "One Times One Is Eight"