MthT 491 Home Page
MthT 491 Home Page
MthT 491 Problem Based Activities
4912004syl.htm 4912004syl.pdf
MthT 491 Arithmetic
491arith.htm 491arith.pdf
MthT 491 Mathematics of the Chipboard
491board.htm 491board.pdf
MthT 491 Products of Negative Numbers
491candle.htm 491candle.pdf
MthT 491 Contradiction
491contr.htm 491contr.pdf
MthT 491 Distributive Properties and Negative Numbers
491dist.htm 491dist.pdf
MthT 491 Divisibility and Prime Numbers
491divide.htm 491divide.pdf
MthT 491 Toothpick Squares and Triangles
491node.htm 491node.pdf
MthT 491 Roma Olympiade
491roma.htm 491roma.pdf
MthT 491 Geometric Proportional Reasoning
491squares.htm 491squares.pdf
MthT 491 Mathematical Statements
491state.htm 491state.pdf
MthT 491 Toothpick Squares
491tooth.htm 491tooth.pdf
MthT 491 Introducing Variables
491var.htm 491var.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Bouncing Balls
asbounce.htm asbounce.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Notes on Bouncing Balls
asbouncenote.htm asbouncenote.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Extinction
asextinction.htm asextinction.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Extinction II
asextinction2.htm asextinction2.pdf
CPS–UIC Math Forum Gini Index
asgini.htm asgini.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Medicare Drug Benefit
asmedidrug.htm asmedidrug.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Units, Pizza, Salad, ...
aspompeii.htm aspompeii.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Discussion of Variables and Units
aspompeiidiscuss.htm aspompeiidiscuss.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Race Track Comments
asrace.htm asrace.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Geometric Delicacies
asrhombus.htm asrhombus.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Geometric Delicacies Discussion
asrhombusdiscuss.htm asrhombusdiscuss.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Roma Olympiade
asroma.htm asroma.pdf
The Algebra Symposium: Rectangles
asshed.htm asshed.pdf
MthT 491 Topics
outline.htm outline.pdf

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