Course Description -- Math 310 -- Fall 2013

Instructor: Louis H. Kauffman

Office: 533 SEO

Phone: (312) 996-3066


Web page:

Text Book: Linear Algebra with Applications - Eighth Edition, by Steven Leon

We will cover the first six chapters of Leon's text. This includes matrices and systems of linear equations, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, orthogonality and eigenvalues.

There will be two hour exams and one take-home final exam. Homework is collected each week and graded. Your homework record will help in deciding your final grade in the course.

Mathematics Department Course Description - Syllabus and Links Math 310 Information.

See Homework Problems for the list of assignments and the dates of the exams.

See Take Home Final The Take Home Final is due on Wednesday, November 27 in class at 1PM.

See Solutions to Take Home Final The Take Home Final was due on Wednesday, November 27 in class at 1PM.

See Notes for Week 2 Notes on Electrical Circuits and Matrices.

See Notes for Week 3 Notes on Walks and Determinants.

See Notes for Week 4 Notes on Elementary Matrices and Determinants.

See Notes for Week 5 Notes on Determinants and beginning Vector Spaces.

See Notes for Week 6 and 7 and 8. Notes on Vector Spaces.

See Notes for Week 9,10,11. Change of Basis, Eigenvectors, Eigenvalues, Differential Equations.

See Notes for the Last Two Weeks. Orthogonality, Least Squares, Quantum Models.


See Solutions to Homework3 Solutions to Homework Number Three.

See Solutions to Homework4 Solutions to Homework Number Four.

See Solutions to Homework5 Solutions to Homework Number Five.

See Solutions to Homework6 Solutions to Homework Number Six.

See Solutions to Homework7 Solutions to Homework Number Seven.

See Solutions to Homework8 Solutions to Homework Number Eight.

See Solutions to Homework9 Solutions to Homework Number Nine.

See Solutions to Homework10 Solutions to Homework Number Ten.

See Solutions to Homework11 Solutions to Homework Number Eleven.

See Solutions to Homework12 Solutions to Homework Number Twelve.

See Exam1. This is Exam Number 1.

See SolutionsExam1. These are solutions to the problems in Exam Number 1.

See SolutionsExam2. These are solutions to the problems in Exam Number 2, including a copy of the exam.

See SampleExam1. This is a sample Exam Number 1.

See SolutionsSampleExam1. These are solutions to the problems in Sample Exam Number 1.

See SampleExam2. This is Sample Exam Number 2. The last problem is from Chapter 5 and will not be covered on our Exam 2. Our Exam 2 will cover Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and part of 6. Chapter 5 is NOT covered in Exam2. Chapter 6, Sections 6.1 and 6.2 are required for Exam 2. There will be a problem of the form: Give the complete solution to a differential equation y' = Ay where y is a vector of differentiable functions of a variable t, y' = dy/dt and A is an n x n matrix with real coefficients. EXAM 2 WILL BE GIVEN ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2013.

See SampleExam2 Solutions. This is the Solutions to Sample Exam Number 2.

See TakeHomeFinalExam. This is a sample take-home final exam.

See Wang Algebra for a clever approach to graphs and spanning trees.

See Diagrammatic Matrix Algebra -- pdf Download for notes on matrix algebra and diagrams. This is a pdf file and it will probably come to you upside down! Use the rotate button on your pdf viewer. This button causes the entire universe to rotate by ninety degrees with respect to your viewing screen. Two applications of the rotate button should suffice to view the file. This file will be added to from time to time during the course.

See SuperProblemSet -- pdf Download for Steve Hurder's mammoth review problem set for basic Linear Algebra. This is an excellent tool for use in studying for the Final Exam.

See BasicProblemSet -- pdf Download a subset of the above problem set for basic Linear Algebra. Our final exam will be partially selected from the types of problems on this subset.