Math 417 Complex Analysis with Applications Fall 2019

Welcome to Math 417! This course is an introduction to Complex Analysis. Complex Analysis is one of the great subjects of modern mathematics and an invaluable tool in physics and engineering. In this course we will explore the basic properties of complex analytic functions and conformal maps.

Lecturer: Izzet Coskun,

Office hours: MW 9-10, F 1-2 and by appointment in SEO 423

Venue: Lincoln Hall 103

Text book: Complex variables and applications by J.W. Brown and R.V.Churchill, McGraw Hill, 2004, Seventh Edition. All page numbers below refer to this book.

Prerequisites: A solid background in basic analysis including the concepts of limits, continuity, differentiability, Riemann integrals and line integrals. I will assume that you are comfortable with writing proofs.

Homework: There will be weekly homework. The homework is due on Wednesdays at the beginning of class. Late homework will not be accepted. You are allowed to discuss problems; however, the write-up must be your own and should reflect your own understanding of the problem.

Grading: There will be two midterm exams and a final examination. The midterms and the homework will each count for 20% of your grade. The final examination will account for 40% of your grade. In addition, you can write a 7-10 page paper on the applications of complex analysis to your field of specialty to count for 20% of your grade. In order to pass the course, you must pass the final exam.

Additional references: There are many excellent text books in Complex Analysis. You might want to refer to them for more information or a different point of view. Some of my favorites are:

Links to other complex analysis webpages: Caution I have not checked the material in these pages. Some seem to have beautiful pictures and applications.

Course materials:

  • The syllabus (pdf).
  • Homework 1, due Wednesday September 3 (pdf)
  • Homework 2, due Wednesday September 10 (pdf)
  • Homework 3, due Wednesday September 17 (pdf)
  • Homework 4, due Wednesday September 24 (pdf)
  • Homework 5, due Wednesday October 1 (pdf)
  • Homework 6, due Wednesday October 8 (pdf)
  • Practice mideterm: Last semester's midterm (pdf)
  • First midterm: (pdf)
  • Homework 7, due Wednesday October 22 (pdf)
  • Homework 8, due Wednesday October 29 (pdf)
  • Homework 9, due Friday November 7 (NOTE DUE DATE) (pdf)
  • Practice mideterm: Last semester's midterm (pdf)
  • Homeowork 10, due Wednesday November 12 (pdf)
  • Homeowork 11, due Wednesday November 26 (pdf)
  • Homework 12, due Wednesday December 3 (pdf)
  • Practice Final (pdf)