Reading Group on Neron Popescu Desingularization

General Information

Meeting Times: Thursday, 11-1pm, SEO 512

Our goal is to prove Popescu's theorem while developing whatever machinery we need along the way. We will follow the treatment in Swan's expository article "Neron Popescu Desingularization." Additional lectures devoted to applications will be interspersed with the main talks.


Date Speaker Topic Other
September 18 Chris Skalit Smoothness, Formal Smoothness, and Geometric Regularity Notes
September 25 Kevin Tucker Smoothness and Andre-Quillen Homology Notes (by B. Antieau)
October 2 Kevin Tucker Smoothness and Andre-Quillen Homology (Pt. 2) Notes (mine, slightly incomplete)
October 9 Wenliang Zhang Smoothness for Fields/Differential Bases Notes
October 16 Wenliang Zhang Smoothness for Fields/Differential Bases (Pt. 2) Notes (by. K. Tucker)
October 23 - No Seminar
October 30 Sam Shideler Zariski's Main Theorem Notes
November 6 Janet Page Local Flatness Criterion/CM Rings Notes (by J. Page)
November 13 Chris Skalit Unramified Morphisms/Structure Theorems  
November 20 - Organizational
January 21 Chris Skalit Proof Outline Notes
January 28 Chris Skalit Proof in Equicharacteristic Zero Notes
February 4 Chris Skalit Sketch of the Main Lemma Notes
February 18 Wenliang Zhang The Bass-Quillen Conjecture Notes
February 25 Alberto Boix Generalized Artin Approximation (Abstract) Notes
March 3 Chris Skalit Gersten's Conjecture and Quillen's Moving Lemma Notes (Talk based on Ch. 7 of Quillen's Higher Algebraic K-Theory I)
March 10 Chris Skalit The Equicharacteristic Case of Gersten's Conjecture Notes (Talk based on I. Panin's article)