MCS 572: Introduction to Supercomputing

the online lectures happen with Blackboard Collaborate

The goal of the course is to study parallel algorithms and their implementation on supercomputers.

The evaluation of the course consists mainly of homework and computer projects. Exams are scheduled as preparation for the computational science prelim.

The recommended (not required) textbooks are

Slides for the lectures will be posted below.

0. Introduction

1. Distributed Memory Parallel Computing

2. Shared Memory Parallel Computing

3. Acceleration with Graphics Processing Units

  • L-25 03/10/21: Review for the Midterm Exam. Slides.
  • L-26 03/12/21: questions on the midterm exam.

    4. Pipelining

    5. Synchronized Computations

    6. Applications

  • L-42 04/26/21: a short second review. Slides.