Invited Talks

Here are lecture notes (transparencies) for talks over the last few years. Some are pdf and some postscript. If you have trouble downloading any of them,e-mail me for assistance.

Lecture Notes

"The large and small in model theory" spectrum of joint embdedding and amalgamation, Madison March 2015

"The White Space Nearby" (AMS special sessions); Properties of small cardinality models in AEC San Antonio January 2015

"Axiomatizing Changing Conceptions of the Geometric Continuum" (Midwest Philosophy of Mathematics Workshop );Notre Dame October 18, 2014

"Completeness and Categoricity (in power): Formalization without Foundationalism" (originally Notre Dame Workshop on Mathematical Philosophy); revised (more math) University of Chicago April 24, 2013

"Completeness and Categoricity (in power): Formalization without Foundationalism" Notre Dame Workshop on Mathematical Philosophy; Notre Dame, Oct. 28, 2012

"Using Set Theory" Infinity Workshop: The Red Herrrings

"Constructing Borel Models in the Continuum" Harvard, Apr 8, 2013

"3 red herrings around Vaught's conjecture" Notre Dame, Mar 28, 2013

"Using Set Theory in Model Theory I" (detailed) Galois types in Analytic AEC Helsinki , Feb, 2013

"Using Set Theory in Model Theory II" (detailed) getting many models in aleph_1 from failure `algebraic symmetry) Helsinki , Feb, 2013

"Using Set Theory in Model Theory" (short)Artic Set Theory Conference (update of Boston), Feb, 2013

"Using Set Theory in Model Theory" ASL meeting 2012 Boston

"Calculating Hanf Numbers" Infinity Project July 2011 Barcelona

"Complexity and Absoluteness in L omega_1 omega " Jouko Vaananen Birthday September 2010 Helsinki

·  Modern Model Theory\\ The impact on mathematics and philosophy, Model Theory and Philosophy – Paris June2010. pdf


·  Bib for Modern Model Theory\\ The impact on mathematics and philosophy, Model Theory and Philosophy – Paris June2010. pdf

"Geometry and Categoricity " Boris Zilber Birthday September 2010 Barcelona

"foundationS: A model Theoretic Viewpoint" Amsterdam , August 2009 - Workshop on practice-based Philosophy

"A Field Guide to Hrushovski Constructions" Tokyo, July 2009 – Annotated bibliography; slides are in shortened form. Extensive bibliography from Hrushovski to recent developments

" Categoricity" South Asian Logic Conference, Singapore June 2009 -From Morley to AEC

"Infinitary Model Theory: Covers of Abelian groups: Take 3" Cherlin Bayrami, Istanbul June 2009 -updating earlier

Perspectives on Expansions Banff Feb 2009

Banff Bibliography

"Foundations: A Model Theoretic Perspective" Notre Dame Conference of Philosophy of Mathematics, Nov. 2008

"Infinitary Model Theory: Covers of Abelian groups" Rutgers, October 2008 (variants at UIC and Wesleyan earlier)

"What is a complete theory: finitary, infinitary, AEC" Notre Dame Logic Seminar August 2008

"First Order and Infinitary Model Theory: Obtaining Amalgamation" Leeds, June 2008

"Perspectives on AEC" Midwest Model Theory, April 2008

"Is VWGCH necessary?" ASL meeting 2008 Irvine

"Keisler proof for few types from few models in aleph-1" UIC Fall 2007

"The amalgamation Spectrum" AMS sectional Oct. 6, 2007

"The lower infinite" Discussion of direction and problems: Chicago October 8, 2007

"Perspectives on AEC" Discussion of direction and problems with special emphasis on the lower spectrum Villa de Leyva, Colombia July 28, 2007

"What is the right type-space?" expansion of Winnipeg talk to include discussion of tameness, Humboldt Univ. Berlin July, 2007

"Generalized Quantifiers and AEC" 50 years of generalized quantifiers, Warsaw, June 2007

"Morley's Proof" Plenary, Canadian Math Society June, 2007

"What is the right type-space?" Model Theory Session, Canadian Math Society June, 2007

"Geometry and Proof" Breakout, Symposium on Excellence in Teaching and Learning of Math and Science May, 2007

"Why the WGCH is true" Invited Address, Association for Symbolic Logic/APA, April, 2007

"Abstract Elementary Classes: Research Directions and Abelian Groups" Seminar at Leeds, October 12, 2006

"Abstract Elementary Classes: Abelian Groups" Seminar at CRM Barcelona, October 3, 2006

"Proof and Geometry" (See also the paper in the paper section). Tools for Teaching Logic Salmanca September 2006

"Abstract Elementary Classes: Motivations and Directions" Barcelona Logic Seminar, September 2006

"The Complex Numbers and Exponentiation: Why Infinitary Logic is necessary" Columbian Mathematical Association, August 2005

"Tameness: Corrected Nov. 2005 (page 37)" Bogota Model Theory Meeting, August 2005

"Perspectives on Expansions" Norwich Meeting, JUly 2005

"Bibliography" Norwich Meeting, JUly 2005

"The Vaught Conjecture: Do uncountable models count?" Notre Dame Meeting, May 2005

"Beyond First Order Logic II" ASL European Summer Meeting, Torino, July 2004

"The Metamathematics of Random Graphs" Logic, Algebra, and Geometry, St. Petersburgh, May 2004

"Beyond First Order Logic I" ASL Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, May 2004

"Getting a model in Aleph-2" Colloquia, Notre Dame and Helsinki, Spring 2004

"EM-models and downward categoricity transfer" Bogota Conference on Abstact Elementary Classes, November 2003

"Expansions of Models" Antalya Algebra Day , Antalya, May 2001

"Forking and Multiplicity" Logic and Algebra , Istanbul Bilgi University, May 2001

"Homogeneity vrs Saturation Barcelona Logic Meeting , Barcelona, July 2000

" Infinistic Methods in Finite Model Theory Finite Model Theory , Marseille, Apr. 2000

" Applications of StableAmalgamation Malcev Conference, Novosibirsk, Aug. 1999

" Finite and InfiniteModel Theory: An historical Perspective"; WOLLICS June 25, 1999; Itataia, Brazil

" GEOGRAPHY OF STABLE THEORIES"; Table of stable theories

"Finite and InfiniteModel Theory: Embedded Finite Models and L^n axiomatizability of categorical theories"WOLLICS June 27, 1999; Itataia, Brazil

" Finite and InfiniteModel Theory: Stability in Finite Models" Workshop on Logic and Cognitive Science:April 18, 1999 in Philadelphia

"Constructing $\omega$-stablestructures: finite rank fields (with Kitty Holland) MAMLS, Rutgers, Sept 1998

"Stability and Embedded FiniteModels Oberwolfach, February 1998

"Model Theory, Finite,Countable, and Uncountable" MAMLS, CMUApril 26, 1997

"What is an extension axiom"Association for Symbolic Logic Annual Meeting March1997 at MIT