Izzet Coskun

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The Algebraic Geometry Bootcamp will take place at the University of Utah on July 6-10, 2015. For more details see (here)


This year I will be teaching MATH 516 in the fall and MATH 517 in the spring.


The UIC Algebraic Geometry Seminar (AGS)


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    I am on the editorial board of Advances in Geometry. I served on the editorial board of the Central European Journal of Mathematics (2009--2014) until the decisions of the publisher led most of the editorial board to resign. The old board of CEJM started the new European Journal of Mathematics and I serve on its board.


    MSRI March 2009, Geometric positivity in the cohomology of homogeneous varieties

    XXIII National Mathematics Symposium, Kayseri Turkey, August 2010. Lecture 1, Lecture2

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    Recently Sam and Fumei visited me in Istanbul. Here are some of the pictures that they took. (html)